پنج‌شنبه 25 فروردین‌ماه سال 1390

تعدادی از جوانان با احساس بامیان در یک تجمع در تاریخ 23ماه حوت 1390 همدردی شانرا در مورد حادثه در ناک سونامی وزلزله در کشور دوست جاپان اعلام نمودند.  

 این خبر از طریق رسانه های ودوستان به سفارت آنکشور در کابل واز طریق به وزارت خارجه ، صدراعظم وبلاخزه به امپراطور جاپان رسیده است، نظر به متن نامه که ذیل به زبان انگلیسی نشر خواهد شد خیلی مورد توجه شان قرار گرفته ورسما در هنگام تشکری از سایر ملل جهان که با مردم جاپان در آن لحظات حساس همدردی نموده بود از جوانان بامیان یاد نموده است. 

نامه عنوانی داکتر حبیبه سرابی والی بامیان، خانم هیرن سانگ مسئول دفتر معاونت ملل متحد در افغانستان/بامیان و همه آنانیکه در این تجمع شرکت نموده بود ومردم بامیان ارسال شده است. 

متن نامه به زبان انگلیسی. 


Dear Governor,

Dear Ms. Song,

Dear All,

I just want to share with you a very impressive news that I heard here in Tokyo.

As you know, our country has received an enormous assistance from all over the world including Afghanistan after the terrible disaster.

In this connection, the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs has recently made a briefing about international assistance to His and Her Royal Highnesses. 

On this special occasion, the heart moving story in Bamyan, spontaneous gathering of local people in front of Buddas, was explicitly mentioned to His and Her Royal Highness with some of pictures you have kindly sent to us, partly because His and Her Royal Highness have visited Afghanistan in their honey-moon trip. 

I'm very happy with this brilliant story, because a good and positive image of Afghanistan has been communicated not only to the very high level of the Japanese Government, but to the Royal Family, and also because I myself was the most enthusiastic person in our embassy about this story and initiated to send the story/pictures to Tokyo.

Thank you for providing us with this beautiful story. If there's any chance, please convey this message to the local people in Bamyan, who had the generosity and the deepest sympathy to gather and pray for our country.

Many thanks and I'm happy to be able to share with you this good news, especially because people tend to ignore good stories, even if there are, and there seem to be more bad stories than good ones in Afghanistan these days.

Best regards,

  Kurato Shiraishi

  Embassy of Japan 


 به نظر من این عمل خیلی ها بجا و مناسب بود